Six to Start

Submission Guidelines

Six to Start is currently Closed to Submissions.

Please read our guidelines before submitting your pitches.



Six to Start is expanding its slate of immersive New Adventures audio dramas - thrilling adventures where you're the main character. We’re looking for writers who can craft outstanding dialogue, and who have impeccable understanding of story and character. We'll need you to produce top-quality audio scripts to a tight deadline. You'll be reaching over seven million players and joining writers such as Margaret Atwood, Naomi Alderman, and Joanne Harris. If this is you, we’d love to hear your pitch!

We welcome writers of all backgrounds and we encourage those from historically underrepresented groups, including but not limited to women, gender minorities, LGBTQIA+ people, people of colour, people with disabilities, and any intersectional identities. You're welcome to self-identify in your email if you're comfortable.

Alongside our general submissions track, we offer additional opportunities to early career writers (see our application guidelines).

We pay £460 (~$620 USD) per completed script and writers are compensated at all stages of script development. This is a work-for-hire opportunity and you will be working alongside us to develop your ideas into viable New Adventures scripts, to which we will own all rights in perpetuity with no exceptions. A full fee breakdown can be found in the application guidelines.

This round of submissions will close on September 27th, 2021. We will open again in the future.

Pitch Guidelines

Our New Adventures bring the audio-driven running gameplay of Zombies, Run! to new stories and new genres. Walk, jog, or run in the real world and become the hero in another.

Your pitch submission should include:

  • 1-3 ideas, each no more than 50 words, included in your email body.
  • 2 pages of dialogue between two or more characters, in script format. This can be taken from any project, but we prefer that it not be written specifically for this application.

Pitch submissions are not compensated. We plan to respond to pitch submissions within 90 days. Please be aware we develop our own ideas internally and we may have already developed a similar or identical idea to yours. As such, we reserve the right to develop any ideas submitted independently.

If your submission is successful, we'll pay for you to write a structural outline on one of your ideas as the next stage in the process.

More information about the format and pitching process can be found in the application guidelines.

Testimonials From Previous Writers

"Writing for Six to Start has been so wonderful! Their script notes are all about collaboration instead of a laundry list of specific solutions that must be implemented - they mostly present problems and trust in you to come up with the specific solution. And all of the folks working there are so kind and curious - just an all-around great company to work with!"

-Jessica Wright Buha, "Nellie Bly"

"Six to Start were an absolute joy to work with. They make it as easy as possible to submit an initial pitch and pay fairly for anything beyond that."

-Damon L. Wakes, "Exit, Pursued By a Bear"

"The STS team are very supportive and uplifting with their feedback and guidance throughout the editorial process, and I always felt comfortable asking them questions, no matter how trivial. It really helped get the best out of my writing, and make me feel more confident about my work."

-Kim Richards, Upcoming project

"Working with Six to Start has been one of the most rewarding freelance experiences of my career. The editors constantly helped me improve my work, and the team offered sincere and continued enthusiasm for stories by and about people on the margins of dominant culture. I’d work with them again in a heartbeat!"

-Jess Erion, Upcoming project

"In addition to what a thrill it was to write for an app that I've been using for years, I was really impressed by the experience working with Six to Start. During the initial pitch process I read the blog post about their values and how they affected the commissioning process. I figured it was nice-sounding corporate-speak, but as I worked with the editors it became obvious that they really work to uphold those values."

-Greg Landgraf, Upcoming project