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Submission Guidelines

Six to Start is open to submissions.
Six to Start : New Adventures Open
Closes to submissions on December 31, 2019 11:00 PM (UTC)

Please read our guidelines before submitting your pitches.


Six to Start is looking to expand its slate of immersive “New Adventures” audio dramas in 2020, and we’re looking for writers to bring us our next big hits. Our New Adventures take the audio-driven running gameplay of “Zombies, Run!” and bring it to new worlds and new genres. This is a work-for-hire opportunity and you will be working alongside us to develop your ideas into viable New Adventures scripts, to which we will own all rights in perpetuity with no exceptions.

Our first round of submissions will close on December 31st. We will open again at some point in the future.

We’re looking for writers with an excellent ear for dialogue, an impeccable understanding of story and character, and the ability to produce first-class audio scripts to a tight deadline. If you fit that description, we’d love to hear from you! We pay £460 (~$600) per completed script, and writers are compensated at all stages of script development.

We welcome submissions from writers of all backgrounds, but would especially encourage those from historically underrepresented groups, including but not limited to women, gender minorities, LGBTQIA+ people, people of colour, people with disabilities and any intersectional identities. If you feel comfortable, you are welcome to self-identify in your cover letter.

Your pitch submission should include:

  • 1-3 ideas, each no more than 50 words, included in your cover letter. Each pitch should give us a clear sense of the tone, style and key selling points of your idea. Please don't include an estimate of episode count or length in your pitches - this can be very hard to assess, and we will work together to finalise episode count at a later stage.
  • A page of dialogue in script format. This script can be from any project, and we prefer that it not be written specifically for this application. This is because we would prefer that people do not undertake uncompensated writing work as part of this process.

Pitch submissions are not compensated. We plan to respond to pitch submissions within 90 days.

If we decide to take your submission further, you will be asked to undertake a small amount of development work to produce a structural outline on one of your ideas as the next stage in the process. You will be paid for this work.

Writers will be credited in the app alongside their stories.

We expect finished scripts to be delivered within 2 months of acceptance, with our guidance along the way.

New Adventures

Six to Start’s “New Adventures” are audio stories that players experience while they run, jog or walk. They follow the format created by “Zombies, Run!”, in which players hear a short scenes of audio (1-3 minutes long) interspersed with songs from the music player on their phone.

Each episode of a New Adventure features roughly 5-7 scenes, and New Adventures can be standalone episodes (“Track the Ripper”) or multi-episode arcs (“Venus Rising”).

New Adventures are released to our players through the Zombies, Run! app, but are not part of the Zombies, Run! story continuity.

Our first year of New Adventures featured:

  • “Lewis & Clark”, an educational piece in two episodes following Lewis & Clark’s expedition across the American Continent by Alex Acks
  • “Venus Rising”, a five-episode science fiction adventure set on a failing Venusian colony by Elliott Gresswell and Naomi Alderman
  • “Track the Ripper”, a single-episode historical fiction exploring the capture of Jack the Ripper by Lulu Kadhim

Fee Breakdown

  • £460 GBP per completed episode script
  • We expect each episode to total around 2400 words, making our rate approximately £0.19 per word ($0.25 as of 23 Oct 2019)
  • This fee is broken down into three payments:
    • £50 GBP payable on completion of a structural outline for the episode
    • £180 GBP payable on completion of the first draft of the episode
    • £230 GBP payable on completion of the final draft of the episode
      • Note: This fee covers the completion of up to two additional drafts of the episode script after the first draft.

Tips for successful submissions

  • Ensure your script sample shows us your ability to write concise, clear, characterful dialogue.
  • Remember that you’re writing for audio; there’s no camera and the audience can’t see what anyone is doing!
  • You’re likely to make better ideas if you play our existing New Adventures. You can download Zombies, Run! on iPhone and Android for free, and you don’t need to run (or even move) to listen to New Adventures.
  • Try to include ideas in a variety of genres
  • Try to include ideas that would work at a variety of lengths; we will be commissioning some works that will span multi-episode arcs, but the bulk of our commissioning will be for shorter works, especially single episodes.
  • We’re especially interested in seeing more ideas which fit these descriptions:
    • Single-character pieces (e.g “A Voice In the Dark” - Zombies, Run!)
    • Romantic comedies
    • Non-fiction / educational
    • Modern small-cast comedy
  • We’re not looking for ideas which feature zombies, please do not pitch them
  • We will reject any pitches that feature Zombies, Run! characters or take place in the Zombies, Run! universe.
  • We will reject outright any applications which contain ideas featuring the following themes / content:
    • Sexual or racialised violence
    • Gratuitous violence
    • Content that is discriminatory or hateful towards any specific group, including but not limited to:
      • People of colour
      • LGBTQIA+ people
      • People with disabilities
      • Neurodiverse people

Sample Audio

If you would like samples of the New Adventures we have produced in the past, you can listen to some sample clips here.